5. Remember the Ladies

Performed by Doah Burroughs

Songs of the Revolution – 5. Remember the Ladies



Dear Husband, my love, thank you for your sweet letter

With the coming of spring, I feel my mood changing for better

Last month we knew not if we should last through the winter

We knew not then how our army would fare back in Boston

The fruits of our land, survived the harshest of weather

The sun is now bright and the birds all sing gaily together

We feel at peace though we know that this peace may be fleeting

And pray every day for freedom from King and from Britain

But dear husband I beg you to please remember the ladies

When freedom is bought with your blood remember the ladies

 Stand strong against bullies, bigots and all forms of slavery

In the new rules and laws you must write, do write them bravely

 Put it out of their power for men to abuse us the women

 There are those who would have us be less than chattel, the women

Give up the word “master” with all its scorn and derision

Instead use one far more tender and kind such as “friend”

Remember that all men be tyrants at heart to the women

For among us live tyrants as cruel as the rulers of Britain

If our due is not given, I promise you we will demand it

If our voice is not heard we will break from our chains and command it

So I ask you once more dear Husband, remember the ladies

With care and kindness – not cruelty and blindness – the ladies

If not I can promise you we will rebel, we the ladies

No quarter we’ll give to the men, if forget they the ladies.

Respect us as beings thus placed here by God in His wisdom

To be cared for and guarded by men of good will… it is written