Songwriter Bio

Jim Burroughs – Songwriter, Composer, Musician, Vocalist

“While I consider myself an eclectic song writer, a good portion of the songs I write tell a story, though they cannot easily be classed as folk music. Perhaps country, country folk, and blues would be better descriptions for the bulk of them, though I’m often inclined toward jazz, world music and musicals.”

Jim Burroughs considers himself to be an eclectic songwriter, composer and arranger. Most of his songs tell a story and are best classified as country folk blues. He cites Willie Nelson and James Taylor as the two songwriters who most influenced him. His music is also influenced by world cultures and has been compared to Paul Simon.

He has written and produced film scores for major documentaries, including “Shadow of Afghanistan,” “Cuba in the Shadow of Doubt,” “Costa Rica: Child in the Wind,” “Quest for the Ark,” and “Against Wind and Tide A Cuban Odyssey,” as well as the main theme for series “Quest: The Origins of our Beliefs” and “Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures.”

Jim’s career in music benefits from his filmmaking journeys throughout the world that have garnered many awards, including the Academy Award Nomination.  

Songs for children are another specialty, written produced and performed by Jim, for short films that became hugely popular on public television and through syndication. “Learning to Read,” “When I Grow Up,” “People Who Work,” “ The Tooth Parade,” “All About Animals,” the “Serendipity Series,” “The Seasons,” and a breakthrough series on conservation “The Adventures of Uncle Smiley.”

Singles include “Hit Man: Ballad of a Fighter” about Muhammad Ali, “Earth Remembered: Earth Song” for “Water Wars,”  and “Time Will Tell” written for “Shadow of Afghanistan.”

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